Tension deepened with China, not removed from finger-4, barricade not removed from finger-5


new Delhi: Tension with China is increasing. On 14 July, after discussions at the Corps Commander level that lasted for more than 14 hours, China has not carried out any promise made on the withdrawal of the forces. A company of Chinese soldiers is still stationed on the Finger 4 hill in Pangang Lake. At the same time, China’s firm barricades on Finger-5 have not been removed. Petroling point 15 ie hot spring and patrolling point 17 means Gogra, Chinese forces have not retreated as much as the Indian had demanded.

On July 14, there was a fourth conversation at the Corps Commander level, while discussions at the Major General level have taken place several times. But China has turned back on every promise to back down. On 22 June and 30 June, the Indian Army had placed a condition to confirm the withdrawal of Chinese troops at the Corps Commander level discussion. Under this, the Indian Army was empowered to monitor the retreat of Chinese troops for 72 hours. On 6 July, Chinese forces began retreating from Galvan Valley, Hot Spring and Gogra.

The Chinese forces in Pengang, however, did not remove their possession from the Finger-4 hills. China had removed its carts and boats from the lake only under Finger-4. A company of Chinese soldiers is stationed at places called Brown Patch and Green Patch on the hill of Finger-4. At the same time, China has built bunkers and walls on Finger-5, which have not been removed yet.

The Indian Army demands that Chinese soldiers return to Sirzap behind Finger-8 where they were before May. In 1962, the Indian Army used to deploy to the rear of Sirjap, but the Indian claim in Line of Actual Control (LAC) is up to Finger 8. Every year Indian soldiers used to patrol here. In Hot Spring and Gogra, adjoining Aksai Chin, Chinese soldiers have not left their fronts.

India has tried to resolve the dispute through military discussions as well as diplomatic discussions, but so far it has not yielded any result. China has deployed troops, tanks, armored vehicles and heavy artillery on a large scale which has not been pushed back. The Indian Army has also deployed T-90 tanks, armored vehicles and three additional divisions in eastern Ladakh in retaliation. The Indian Air Force has deployed state-of-the-art Apache combat helicopter and heavy transport helicopter Chinook in Leh. The Air Force has deployed indigenous fighter helicopter Rudra at the Advanced Base Choice. Apart from this, fighter jets like MiG-29 and Sukhoi 30 have also been deployed in Ladakh.


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