The investigation proceeded in the case of fake social media followers, the police got this big clue


Mumbai: As the investigation of Mumbai Crime Branch’s fake social media followers scam continues to progress, its revelations are coming out very shocking. The crime branch is investigating its case in two parts. The first selling party means the companies that are Fake social media followers While selling to others, in the second part, they get all the celebrities, social media influencers who buy these fake social media followers and then make money from them through brands.

On the previous day, the person who has caught Kashif Mansoor is a big fish. Crime Branch has asked social media companies to give a list of the right followers of celebrities, it will know how many followers are right and how many have been purchased.

In this connection, the crime branch is going to issue summons to a PR company and 2 influencers on Thursday. So far, 21 people have recorded statements in this case. Out of these, 16 people have recorded their statements through video conferencing.

According to the report of 2019, on which SIT team is engaged in scrutiny of data of celebrities’ social media accounts, according to the report, Deepika Padukone takes 1,90 000 dollars to post one on social media. Accordingly, Priyanka Chopra charges 2,70000 US dollars for a post.
According to this report, cricketer Virat Kohli charges 2,96000 US dollies for a social media post. He has about 6.5 crore followers on social media. While Deepika Padukone has 39 millions followers and Priyanka Chopra has 44 millions followers.

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