These 2 football teams of England expressed concern about flood victims of Assam


new Delhi: Two English teams from the English Premier League have posted on social media about the flood victims of Assam. First of all, while sharing the video on Instagram, the Arsenal club wrote, ‘We are with you, dare keep Assam’. Assamese language has also been used in this video. Arsenal are considered the top teams of the English Premier League. So far this club has won the league title 13 times.

After Arsenal, Chelsea Football Club has expressed concern for the flood victims of Assam. Posting in both English and Assamese languages, it is written, ‘We are concerned about every flood victims in Assam’: So far the Chelsea team has become the champions of the league 6 times.

These two football clubs have come at a time when the campaign named #NorthEastMatters is going on on social media. The people supporting this campaign allege that the situation in Assam is being ignored by the main stream media, and there is a need to give more coverage to the situation in this state. Football is very popular in all the northeastern states including Assam. Given this, Arsenal and Chelsea have missed their fans in this difficult time.

The captain of the Indian football team, Sunil Chhetri, wrote on Twitter that, ‘Along with prayers, there is a need to pay more attention to Assam and provide every possible help to get rid of the hardships caused by the floods. There has been a lot of loss of lives of humans and animals, I am hoping that the number of casualties does not increase. # AssamFloods. ‘

Assam, the northeastern state, is most affected by the floods. So far 107 people have lost their lives due to floods in Assam. At the same time, many people are trapped in flood affected areas, who are being rescued and taken to a safe place. Not only human life, but also animals and animals are affected by this flood. According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) report, the Brahmaputra river is flowing above the danger mark in many places. 26 districts of Assam are in the grip of floods and more than 27 lakh people are affected.


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