These models have dated ‘Titanic’ hero Leonardo, caught in tax evasion


Tel Aviv, Israel: On Monday, Israel’s largest court convicted the top model Bar Refaeli in 4 cases of tax evasion. These cases against Refeli and his family had been going on for a long time and due to these cases, the image of the national icon of Refeli has now been found in the soil.

Having dated Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, Refaeli has been convicted for making false statements about tax evasion in Israel and his period of stay abroad.

According to the decision of Tev Aviv’s Magistrate Court, Refaeli has been ordered to pay a fine of $ 7,30,000 as well as arrears.

Explain that Israeli citizens who do not live in the country, are exempted from informing the Israeli tax authorities about the earnings from outside.

Reffeli’s mother, Jippi Raffelli, has also been convicted on several charges of tax evasion. He has received a jail sentence of 16 months and will also have to deposit 2.5 million shekels in the form of unpaid tax. Both were convicted in the crime penalty deal.

This decision put an end to the long-running case since 2015, which began with the arrest and interrogation of Bar Refaeli.

Swimsuit model Refeli came into controversy when she married her father’s friend to avoid 2-year mandatory military service in Israel and divorced shortly after. He is currently married to Israeli businessman Adi Israel.

According to a Crime Penalty Agreement signed last month with the authorities, Refaeli will now serve 9 months of community service and his mother will be sent to prison for 16 months.

Such a long-running case around the celebrity model’s worldwide income and the family’s undermining of their relationship with Israel has tarnished Refaeli’s image of the country’s unofficial brand ambassador, the Quaid Was coined from

She is still a popular TV personality, a woman selling brands whose billboards are on highways across the country. Last year, Refaeli was also the host of a Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

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The case primarily revolves around Refaeli’s whereabouts at the beginning of this decade, while she was doing a high-profile modeling campaign around the world, appearing on the cover of the swimsuit edition of American sports magazine Sports Illustrated, and Leonardo DiCaprio Was in a long romantic relationship with.

Israeli tax law primarily determines residency status based on whether a person spends most of a year in Israel or not. Refaeli claimed about those years that she was not in the country most of the time. He did not tell the tax authorities about the income from abroad. But the prosecution lawyer dismissed his claims as false and charged him with giving false information.

In an earlier appeal, an Israeli court denied his relationship with DiCaprio as a family unit. After which Refeli was expressly refused to give tax benefits to Israel in the name of American address.

Reffeli’s lawyer said the crime penalty deal has proved that he did not knowingly commit tax evasion. Refaeli’s mother, who also worked as his agent, is accused of not disclosing income, stealing tax and seeking help from someone else in the case of tax evasion.

It has been told in the indictment that his mother made a lease in the name of several family members to hide the real residency status of Refaeli and also refrained from disclosing the amount he earned as his daughter’s agent.

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