This blood test will catch cancer 4 years before symptoms appear, know full detail


new Delhi: According to a new study, one of the world’s most dangerous diseases is cancer (Cancer) Can now be recognized even 4 years before symptoms emerge. This blood test is called Pansir (PanSeer) Is being said, which detects cancer in 95 percent of the people who have cancer but do not show symptoms.

This test is not a test for cancer screening, but easily recognizes the symptoms of cancer before spreading the changes due to cancer in the body, it is only when most people are suffering from cancer. This test, which catches cancer early, can not only prevent a lot of deaths, but can also prevent complications by taking quick steps to keep it under control.

The study was attended by researchers from several schools in China’s Fudan University, the State’s Laboratory of Genetic Engineering and Collaborative Innovation Center for Genetics and Development, the Taizhou Institute of Health Sciences and the Human Phenom Institute. This study was published in the Nature Communications General, and the test developed through it is a ‘DNA methalation based’ non-invasive blood test.

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Although claims have been made to do this in many earlier studies, but this test is unique because it recognizes cancer before the symptoms of cancer emerge in the patients. Researchers noted the methanol groups of DN, which are one of the main symptoms of the tumor. He then chose a small strand of DNA to detect cancer. Through artificial intelligence, he devised a system that could determine if any DNA came from the tumor.

They collected 414 plasma samples from 2007 to 2014. Out of all these non-cancerous samples, cancer was found in the stomach, liver, lungs, large intestine, etc. of 191. The team present in China also sampled 223 people who had been diagnosed with cancer in some form or the other.

Through PanSeer, 88% of all these 223 patients had already identified symptoms of cancer, while in this test, 95% of those who did not have cancer symptoms and who did not have cancer diagnosis, told cancer. . This test may be better, but it cannot tell what kind of cancer someone has.



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