This comedian did something to spread awareness about the mask, you will also be shocked


Washington: Efforts are being made at the government level to deal with the CoronaVirus epidemic. Celebrities around the world are also making people aware, so that the spread of the virus can be controlled. American comedian Chelsea Handler has been associated with this campaign for a long time. She continues to do something in a way that encourages people to apply masks or follow social distancing measures.

Recently handlers did something to promote the use of masks, which are being shared fiercely on social media. Actually, the comedian Handler has posted a video of her on Instagram, in which she is seen doing workouts. The special thing is that the bra she has worn during this time is made from a mask.

In the video, 45-year-old Chelsea is seen exercising in a bra made of sneakers, leggings and two masks. During this time, he has also appealed to people to wear masks. He said, ‘Every person should wear a mask. People want their children to go to school again, but we are abusing health workers. Please put on masks, which are very important to keep us safe ‘.

Chelsea Handler posted a video in April detailing how face masks can be made using traditional cup bras. Significantly, Corona has caused the most havoc in America. The reason for this is largely due to President Donald Trump not taking Corona seriously. Trump has been opposing tough measures since the beginning. He also refused to wear a mask. However, seeing the election season, he recently appeared in a mask.


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