This fridge full of food items is open 24 hours, come and take the things you need


Los Angeles: Think you America Let’s take a walk on a sidewalk in Los Angeles and you find a nice fridge on the way, filled with milk, fruits, vegetables, chicken, etc. and you can take them for free. It sounds a bit strange, but you will find many community fridges in Los Angeles, which are financially severely affected by Coronavirus, are kept out to help the needy.

There is no line, no form is filled, nor is there a lock on them. So that people can come for 24 hours at any time and can take the food and food of their needs as much as possible without any hassle.

According to the report of the news agency AFP, LA Community Fridges organizer Marina Vergra says, “If you need all the stuff in the fridge, move it, no one will tell you anything. If you need a tomato or you keep only one tomato in the fridge, then do so ‘.

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Vergra, who has already installed 7 such fridges on the streets of LA, further states, this idea is to provide maximum help to the people. This idea was started in New York so that people can take anything at any time and keep it there.

Fridges have been painted in a creative way, and some people even put shoes, clothes, etc. in them. California was the first state to implement a lockdown to stop the spread of the Corona virus, but in recent weeks the infection has increased rapidly in this state, especially in Los Angeles.

There are already a large number of homeless people in Los Angeles. On top of this, people have suffered huge economic losses due to Corona virus epidemic.

Vergara, who has taken this initiative in collaboration with Reach for the Top, an organization working for the homeless, describes how many people shy away from visiting food banks and fear of deporting immigrants. is also.

Vergara, who wants to keep many more such fridges, says that ‘in many communities it is believed that this hurts their self-respect’. She believes that her efforts have given ‘freedom to go to the community fridge anytime, whether it is at 5 in the morning or at 5 in the evening’.

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