Tomorrow will be seen in Siliguri tomorrow at 23 Apna Siliguri

Today, with the opening of the new market in North Bengal wholesale market, Siliguri saw some movement. Vehicles moved on the roads. Some offices were also open. Apart from this, all the shops of essential commodities were open. Although the lock-down is going on in Siliguri and the agility of the police is also continuing, but despite this people were coming. Today the weather was also open. Hordes of people were seen in banks, post offices, LIC and other central government offices, while private establishments, firms, shops etc. were all closed. The Siliguri Metropolitan Police continued operations in various places of the city as before. But its special effect was not seen. Today, the jam was seen in areas such as Mahavir Sthan, Champasadi, Hill Cart Road, Sevak Road, Thana Mor, Naya Bazar etc. The most terrible jam was seen in Mahavir Sthan area, where the police looked helpless while trying to remove the jam.

After 1 day of complete bandh, perhaps the police was also in a mood for relaxation and people also considered necessary shopping. So the police did not stop. Vehicles were allowed to run as well, because tomorrow once again there will be a statewide lockdown. People of Siliguri have also seen. The evening of 23 July is coming again. Therefore, be busy shopping today. Only the new market will be closed. So there is a possibility that the lock down of 23 will appear once again. Passenger vehicles will not run during statewide lock down. State and central government offices will remain closed or there will be no functioning in them. This was the reason that Siliguri residents today carried out necessary tasks.

Meanwhile, a lock-down has also been announced in the hilly areas, which will continue from 26 July to 1 August. There are frequent cases of corona infection in the hill areas. That is why Anit Thapa has announced that the people of the mountain should stay in their homes for a week.

For which this lock down has been imposed i.e. to prevent coronavirus infection, it is not stopping at the moment. Now cases of infection in the state have also crossed 50000, though the number of people recovering has also increased. If we talk about Siliguri, new cases are increasing daily. On Thursday, 38 new corona cases were reported in the Siliguri Municipal Corporation area. The question is that today, when the cases of corona infection have crossed 12 lakhs across the country and 40 to 45000 new cases are coming up every day, will the lockdown break the pace of infection? It does not seem so.

If this matter continues to increase, will the lockdown continue to be extended… Administration needs to look at alternative measures. For this, it is necessary that the residents should strictly follow all the instructions of the Health Department and the government to avoid corona. While the Health Department should increase the corona testing as much as possible. Corona infection can be controlled by adopting appropriate methods in this way.

The Siliguri Metropolitan Police has also completed preparations in view of the statewide lockdown on Saturday. It is a sign that there will be a program for the day by Siliguri Metropolitan Police in Siliguri on Saturday and the people of Siliguri will be two to four from complete lockdown.

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Tomorrow will be seen in Siliguri tomorrow at 23 Apna Siliguri

Tomorrow will be seen in Siliguri tomorrow at 23 Apna Siliguri

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