Trump warns, American corona virus crisis will ‘worsen before it gets better’


New York: Corona virus (Coronavirus) For the first time in a White House press briefing on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump ()Donald trump) Said that the situation of the Kovid 19 epidemic in America will ‘worsen before it gets better’.

Trump said that some parts of our country are doing very well, while in other parts the situation is not very good. From this it seems that ‘unfortunately the condition will get worse before it gets better’. He said that new cases of virus are increasing rapidly in many parts of the south, which is really worrying ‘.

At the same time, on Monday, President Trump made the strongest appeal ever to wear face masks in public places. Trump wrote that it was ‘patriotic’ to cover his face during the Corona epidemic. Let me tell you that Trump has been refusing to promote the need to wear masks to fight the corona virus for months.

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Trump has appealed to Americans to wear masks to prevent the spread of this severely contagious disease, a disease that has already killed 1,41,000 Americans. Trump said, ‘We are telling everyone that if you are unable to keep social distancing, then wear a mask’. ‘Whether you like masks or not, they have their own effect, they will have an effect and we can get what we need’.

Trump said the goal is not just to ‘manage’ the epidemic but to end it. Trump further said that ‘vaccines are coming and they are coming so soon that no one would have thought’. Trump firmly stated again that the corona virus would disappear.

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