Union minister Prakash Javadekar retaliated over Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, war broke out on Twitter


new Delhi: There is an interesting battle between Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Union Minister Prakash Javadekar on Twitter. Rahul Gandhi has released a calendar of alleged failures of the government on Twitter. Replying to that tweet, Javadekar has sequentially listed the achievements of the government. At the same time, giving a counter-arrow to the Congress, he gave details of the failures in the past months. Javadekar said that the Congress tweet became a party. The people of the country are with the Prime Minister.

Let me tell you that Rahul has released a calendar on Twitter and said that the achievements of the last 6 months of the government are tighter. Rahul Gandhi said that in February the government trumped the namaste and in March, the government fell in Madhya Pradesh. In May, the Modi government celebrated its sixth anniversary and held a virtual rally in Bihar in June. In July, he started trying to topple the Rajasthan government. Rahul Gandhi taunted that this is why the country is ‘self-sufficient’ in the battle of Corona.

Replying to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar replied. Javadekar said that Rahul Baba, despite the large population of India, there are very few cases of corona here compared to the world. There are also very few deaths from corona in India compared to America, Europe and Brazil. Javadekar alleged that you have insulted the efforts of millions of Corona Warriors by raising a finger on the country’s efforts to deal with Corona.

In response to Rahul’s calendar, Javadekar also released the calendar. In this calendar, the achievements of the previous months of the government were listed in a systematic way. Javadekar said that the month of May was named after the historic defeat of the Congress in the parliamentary elections and in June, China was effectively responded to. In July, the Congress government of Rajasthan seems to be collapsing. Javadekar fired back and said that in the last 6 months, the Congress got the Shaheen Bagh in February and got bloody riots in Delhi. In March, the Congress lost the Madhya Pradesh government and Jyotiraditya Scindia. In April, the Congress was engaged in provoking the workers returning to the village due to the Corona period.



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