UP Board: Shakespeare’s story, Parsai’s condemnation juice and ‘infection’ also missing from syllabus, ‘Congress’ out


Uttar Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (UP Board) has also cut the syllabus of students after CBSE due to Corona crisis. The syllabus has been reduced by 30 percent from every subject. As such, this is a step taken to reduce the burden of studies on children, but in haste, only such topics are missing from the syllabus, which are very important.

The satire of popular satirist Harishankar Parsai is missing from the Hindi syllabus. Shakespeare’s story has also been cut from the syllabus. Apart from this, the topic of infection taught in the ninth grade is also missing from the science subject. Social science students will not be able to study electoral politics free and fair elections. Electoral politics and electoral reforms have also been removed from the social science of the 10th and the civics of the 11th. Nazism and the rise of Hitler are not in the syllabus.

Removal of Congress topic started politics
The chapter of the dominance of one party from chapter five has been cut from chapter five under the chapter on politics in independent India from the course of civics of class XII. The topic of Congress was talked about in this topic. From the second section of the same topic to the sixth chapter, the challenges of Congress functioning, from Nehru’s post-political convention, non-Congressism, election of 1967, Congress split and reorganization, Congress’s entire chapter related to victory in 1971 elections also from syllabus. Is out The Congress alleges that the BJP government has deliberately removed the course from the topic of Congress.

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Apart from this, the history and nationality, sectarianism and partition of 1940 were also removed in division on the basis of physical sources from the course. Topics such as Harappan civilization, printing, travel details of foreign nationals are also missing from history. Apart from this, many topics have also been removed from the subject of mathematics. But for this, further examinations have been kept in mind.



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