US President Donald Trump again listened to China on Corona, now said this


Washington: US President Donald Trump has once again attacked China over the CoronaVirus. Trump said that China is directly responsible for this worldwide problem.

The US President said, “China could have stopped the virus if it wanted to, but it did not. He let the virus go to Europe and America and now it has become a worldwide problem, for which China is directly responsible ‘. Trump, while praising his government’s efforts in fighting Corona, said that he had done extremely positive work on the vaccine and medical front.

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Trump targeted the resumption of television coronavirus briefings as China was targeted. He said that ‘I think this is a great way to get information for the public, we are doing very well in many different ways’. The US president is expected to begin press talks from Tuesday.

Ever increasing speed
At the same time, according to Johns Hopkins University Live Coronavirus Tracker, the data revealed on Sunday shows that 63,872 new cases were reported in the US in the last 24 hours. At the same time 514 people died, after which the total number of dead has increased to 140,474. Significantly, America is the most corona affected country. President Trump has been blaming China and the World Health Organization for Corona since the beginning.

Steps taken in view of increasing outbreak
Given Corona’s increasing influence, Hawaii (Hawaii) Governor David Yutaka Ige has announced that those departing from the state must submit the COVID-19 test within 72 hours of the trip, as well as coming to Hawaii. But proof of negative result has to be presented. At the same time, New York has also included some more states in its list, whose citizens will have to be self-quarantined after their arrival in New York. Similarly, Chicago has prepared a list of 17 states. It is mandatory for citizens of the states included in this list to remain self-isolated for two weeks upon reaching Chicago.

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