Vikas Dubey Case: FIR opened on Vikas Dubey just before Bikeru scandal


Kanpur: Vikas Dubey Case New revelations are happening continuously in India. In the case of martyrdom of 8 policemen, there has been a big disclosure from the FIR. It is learned that an FIR was registered against Vikas Dubey at 11:52 pm. The police reached Vikas’s house just 35 minutes after the FIR was registered.

The FIR has revealed that at 11:52 pm, FIR was lodged at Vikas Dubey and at 12:27 the police went out of control. That is, the case was filed in just 35 minutes of the filing of the case.

Here, action is going on against Vikas Dubey gang. Soon the licenses of 28 realities of 26 close to development can be canceled. Kanpur police has sent a report in this regard.

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Many revelations are happening one by one related to Vikas Dubey and many videos are also continuously surfaced. A new video related to this case has surfaced which is being told near the Mahakal temple in Ujjain. In the video, Vikas Dubey is seen going to the flower shop just opposite the Mahakal temple.

The video is being told of the time of July 9 when Vikas Dubey went to see Ujjain Mahakal. Before Darshan, Vikas Dubey got down from the auto and went to the flower shop. In the video that is going viral, Vikas is roaming without putting a mask on his mouth. It is being told that the same shopkeeper identified Vikas Dubey as the flower shop where Vikas was immersed.

Another viral video related to Bikeru scandal has surfaced. This time, mother of Vikas Dubey’s partner Shashikant, has claimed that CO Devendra Mishra was shot by Amar Dubey. According to Shashikant’s mother, CO Devendra Mishra kept pleading for her life but Amar Dubey abused and shot CO.

Let us tell you that Amar Dubey, accused in the Bikeru incident, was also killed by the UP STF in an encounter in Hamirpur. Eight policemen were killed on the night of July 2-3 in Bikaru village of Kanpur district. Amar Dubey was also involved in this.


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