What will happen in Siliguri after tomorrow

What will happen in Siliguri after tomorrow?
The lockdown time period will be completed in Siliguri on Wednesday. After that, whether the lockdown will be increased or its end will be discussed, there is a heated discussion in the city. Everyone is speculating by reasoning in their own way. Most people are showing the possibility of increasing the lockdown in view of the increasing cases of coronaviruses, while the number of people who are talking about not increasing the lockdown.

However, in this regard, it will be decided in a meeting of District Task Force officers with the State Tourism Minister Gautam Dev at the State Guest House this evening whether the lockdown is being extended in Siliguri city. Even if not extended, the lockdown will remain on Thursday. Because according to the order of the state government, the local administration will continue the lockdown for 2 days a week. This week Thursday and Saturday have a complete lockdown time period.

Suspense remains intact. Meanwhile, cases of coronavirus in Siliguri city are steadily increasing. After a 2-day decline, it was estimated that the number of cases would continue to decline, but on Monday, once again there was a surge in infection cases. Two people have also died of corona, while many people have returned home from the Kovid-19 hospital. The administration is also monitoring this. If there is an average decrease in cases of infection, then the district ruler can take a decision accordingly. If we talk about Sunday, a total of 33 cases were reported. The number was 34 on Saturday. An expectation was being seen and it was anticipated that there would be a decrease in cases, but as soon as the data came from the Health Department on Monday, the concern increased. In Siliguri Municipal Corporation area, 72 people were found infected. It is not possible to say anything in this situation.

It should be known that the state government has announced one day in advance that the entire lockdown of 2 days will continue across the state every week. It remains to be seen what decision is taken in this regard in the meeting to be held this evening. By the way, due to continuous lockdown in Siliguri, the problems of people have increased considerably. People of every society, every section are troubled and affected. Probably the administration can take a decision in their favor. However, this will not be easy for the administration.

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What will happen in Siliguri after tomorrow

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