Who is in charge of Siliguri after May 17?

The term of Siliguri Municipal Corporation Board expires on 17 May. Thereafter, the appointment of the ruler will be unavoidable for conducting the functions of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation. Given the Corona transition, the Siliguri Municipal Corporation election is difficult this year. In such a situation, the market of discussions in Siliguri city is hot. It is also certain that Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya will not hold this post after May 17. In such a situation, the reins of Siliguri are going to be in someone’s hands.

It is being said that just as Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee interfered in the case of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation Administrator, Siliguri will also interfere in the Municipal Corporation. In this situation, the tourism minister of the state Gautam Dev can be assigned the burden of Siliguri Municipal Corporation. Some experts believe that Siliguri Municipal Corporation Commissioner Sonam Bangadi Bhutia can also be made an administrator. However some people also believe that Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya will continue to work as the outgoing administrator. But there is no such possibility at all. Because there has always been a figure of 36 between Ashok Bhattacharya and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Anyway, Ashok Bhattacharya has indicated that he will be off the board after 17 May.

The term of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation Board expires on 17 May. The board office is not functioning due to the lock. Corporation office will open on Monday. The inner talk is that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will appoint an administrator for the Siliguri Municipal Corporation, which will ensure that whenever the Siliguri Municipal Corporation is elected, the Trinamool Congress will occupy the board. The administrator will be the one who convinces the chief minister. Gautam Dev’s maiden name comes from the trusted people of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Therefore, Gautam Dev is more likely to take over the Siliguri Municipal Corporation.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has adopted the same formula in Kolkata Municipal Corporation, which is opposed by not only the BJP but also the leaders of the Left Front. Not only this, Governor Jagdeep Dhankar has also raised a finger on Mamta Banerjee, demanding the constitution. It is known that the Governor had raised the question of the constitution saying that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee issued a notification in his name without telling him, while he was not given any information about it. The governor said that he came to know about it only through journalists. Now the Governor is seeking answers from the Chief Secretary of the state, Rajiv Sinha. As per the rules, at the end of the tenure of the board of any corporation, the officers are appointed as the board administrator of the corporation and not the representative of the people, whereas in the case of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, the constitution was enacted. Hold on.

The BJP considers Farhad Hakim’s appointment as the Administrator of Kolkata Municipal Corporation illegal. The BJP has warned that if Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee does not withdraw her decision, the party will agitate in the state. In the wake of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation disaster, sources have indicated that a similar formula will be adopted in Siliguri Municipal Corporation. You may be aware that Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya has already opposed the appointment of Farhad Hakim.

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