Widow fighting for right for 20 years finally got justice, know what is the whole matter


new Delhi: After 20 years in the kidnapping and murder of an employee while on duty, the widow of the employee will get a job in the husband’s institute and the institute will also have to pay two lakh rupees to the employee’s wife as a litigation expense in the court.

Supreme Court Sharing its sympathy in the verdict, has ordered the appointment of Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) on compassionate grounds and compensation of Rs 2 lakh to the woman, whose husband had a PSU in West Bengal (West Bengal) in 1999. Was kidnapped at the factory for protesting against theft.

The Supreme Court told the company that the widow of the employee has been struggling to get her rights for 20 years, which the company should not oppose. The court said that the troubled woman and her family should get their rights. You should have some sympathy for him.

The Supreme Court told the company, ‘Look at the family in this case, look at her plight, this woman’s husband was kidnapped in 1999 for resisting theft while doing the duty of your company and since then she has been harassed by someone Haven’t seen You have a report from the Purulia Superintendent of Police that he was killed. What else you need? We think you should not oppose it.

The company had filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against the decisions of the Calcutta High Court in 2019.

The Supreme Court told the company that there is a family here which is waiting for relief since 1999 but you want us to be stuck in investigating your technical points? This may not be appropriate. We feel sympathy for the family. Saying this, the Supreme Court rejected the company’s appeal and ruled in favor of the woman.


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