Will India become number 1 in case of corona infection? The figures are scary


new Delhi: Coronavirus infection in India Matters are constantly increasing. However, improvement has also been seen in the recovery rate of patients. The recovery rate of corona patients in the country has once again been 63.12 percent. Looking at these figures, it can be said that patients are recovering fast. But on the other hand, rising patients are also telling that the rate of spread of corona is also increasing rapidly.

India crossed the 11 lakh mark in the case of corona infection on 20 July. While on May 19, there were 1 lakh patients of Corona in India. It took only 172 days for the number of patients to be 1 lakh to 11 lakh. And now 37 thousand patients are going to add new ones every day.

A look at the data of corona patients
– May 19 crossed one million
– 3 June 2 lakhs
– 13 June 3 lakhs
– 21 June 4 lakhs
– 27 June 5 lakhs
– 2 July 6 Lakh
– 7 July 7 Lakh
– 11 July 8 Lakh
– 14 July 9 Lakh
– 17 July 1 million
– 20 July 11 lakhs

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It is worth noting that it took India 14 days to cross the number of corona patients from one lakh to two lakhs and it took just three days to reach 10 lakh to 11 lakhs. The rate at which patients are increasing every day, in the next one week, India will jump by 1 lakh every other day.

This rate is worrying. In India, less than three and a half lakh tests are being conducted daily. These results are coming out in it. That is, due to less testing, figures are still showing less. The government’s target is 10 lakh tests daily. When this happens, the figures will reach, it is not difficult to guess.

At present, India is third in the world in terms of number of corona patients. After America and Brazil. But the rate of increase in cases in America is now under control. Whereas in India it has intensified. Because America tested a large part of the population in due course of time. While work is currently underway to increase testing in India.

Now imagine if India will be number one in the world in corona cases? If 10 lakh tests are started daily, then it is not far to be number 1 in Corona in a country with a population of more than 135 crores.

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