Winners of Karona in Siliguri will get jobs, monthly salary 15 thousand rupees | Siliguri News Updates

Siliguri, 25 July This time in Siliguri, the Corona winners will get jobs through the Covid Warrior Club. There is also a monthly salary for them. Today, the task force was discussed at Siliguri Puranigam At the end of the discussion, District Magistrate S Pannambalam said that the Corona winners will be able to work in the city’s Safe House, Home Isolation. They will work on the advice of doctors. The salary will be 15 thousand rupees. He said that the work of making the list has already started. Members of voluntary organizations can also work in this club if they want, but the winners will not get priority.

On the other hand, ward covid clubs will also be formed in different wards. Medicines and food will be delivered to the homes of Corona patients through that club.

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