Woman killed after rape in West Bengal, angry people turned violent; Calling force


Raiganj: Demonstrations took place on Sunday in Dinajpur district of West Bengal over the murder of the woman after she was allegedly raped and the mob blocked National Highway 31. Government buses and police vehicles were set on fire. The protesters were demanding the arrest of the accused.

Police officials said that the girl had gone out of her home in Sonapur village near Siliguri on Sunday morning to go to the toilet, after which she was allegedly abducted. Then after a few hours she was found dead. Villagers allege that he was raped before committing the murder.

Officials said that three buses of the North Bengal State Transport Corporation were set on fire when policemen were trying to remove the blockage. Three police vehicles were also burnt together.

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Officials said additional forces, including the Rapid Action Force, were called to the spot to remove the blockade and protesters.



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