Youtube Carry Minati’s unique initiative, raised Rs 11 lakh for flood-hit Assam and Bihar


new Delhi: Popular YouTuber Carrie Minati (Carrie minati), Whose real name is Ajay Nagar, flood-hit Assam (Assam Flood) And Bihar (Bihar Flood) Has taken an initiative to help. Ajay has raised Rs 10.31 lakh from an online charity stream in the funds started by Carrie Minati for Assam and Bihar. He also contributed 1 lakh rupees in this fund on his behalf. The money of this fund will be sent in half to the Chief Minister Fund of Assam and Bihar.

Carrie Minati tweeted, “Thank you to all those who helped to collect Rs. 10,31,137 for the flood relief of Bihar and Assam through the online stream of this fund. I am giving 1 lakh rupees in this amount from my side. I’m proud of you all ‘.

Carrie Minati started this charity stream on Sunday, which was live on YouTube from 7 pm to 12 pm. According to news agency IANS, Carrie Minati said in her statement, “Creating content cannot always be done for business purpose, which is only for the benefit of any one man.” There is always a need to give back to the society in the form of some work.

I have always supported various social works without publicity and will continue to do so further because I believe that it is important for everyone to be with you in bad times. Humanity still needs love and respect and we should unite as one species and give our support for a better and compassionate future ”. Let us tell you that even before this, Carrie Minati helped in the Kerala floods of 2018, Assam floods, Bihar floods and during the Phani cyclone of Orissa in 2019 and Australian bushfire.

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